Vision/Elevator Pitch

  • Company: Jerichons developing new digital health service/software in the area of cardiovascular disease (CAD).
  • Why we are different than everybody in the area? The key differentiator is the predictive algorithm based on patient-specific genomic data.
  • Vision: We see GenOxymeter as personalized digital service aimed to help clinicians improve patient outcomes and reduce economical burden from CAD.
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  • GenOxymeter - software with new SET for oximetry data which
    • utilizes predictive algorithm
    • based on patient-specific genomics data.

How GenOxymetr works

Digital Health Pulse and Tissue Oximetry



  • Pulse and Tissue oximetry are aimed to measure oxygen saturation peripherally or in tissue.
  • It measures what percentage of hemoglobin, the protein in blood that carries oxygen, is loaded.
  • However, oximetry still can not provide a complete measure of circulatory sufficiency during patient actually being hypoxemic.
  • Main limitation for both techniques is inter-individual variation in data and low predictability of acute events.

How Blue People of Kentucky do not carry oxygen?

Blue faces but no effects on health or longevity

Pedigree of Hireditary Methemoglobinemia Click here to scale up schema.

Only become visible in a carrier of two alleles

A rare disease when Hb has limited ability to bind oxygen Met-HB less 1% VS 20% Blue people have tissue plasticity.


To assist health care/physicians in making diagnostics/treatment decisions based on patients’ genomics background

Vladimir Krasikov

Vladimir Krasikov,
PhD, CSO and Co-Founder

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Katerina Fomicheva

Katerina Fomicheva,
PhD, CEO and Co-Founder

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Valery Svistunov

Valeriy Svystunov,
CTO and Co-Founder

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